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How To Return To Diving Safely

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Your guide to getting back in the water

Have you been out of the water for a while? Whether it was the pandemic, your health, or life in general that put diving on hold for you, it’s important to set yourself up for a safe and successful return. This webinar will cover the essentials of preparation: health and fitness considerations, ensuring your equipment and dive skills are up to date and getting ready for travel.

Sea to Sky

Presented by Frauke Tillmans, Ph.D.


Frauke Tillmans, Ph.D., is the Research Director at DAN. She has a degree in human biology and a Ph.D. in oxidative stress, a condition associated with acute diving injuries. Dr. Tillmans is an experienced public safety diver, scientific diver and dive safety officer. She has worked as a researcher in global collaborative projects focused on decompression stress, inert gas narcosis and oxygen toxicity and was employed by the German Navy before she began working at DAN in 2019.


Thursday, May 20, 2021 7PM ET

Learn more at: https://dan.org/education-events/events/how-to-return-to-diving-safely/


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