Rebuilding The Reefs of Bali

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The local dive community are one big family here in Amed, in East Bali.

Amed is a jewel that some new divers or people wanting to learn to dive might not know about. The pandemic has hit Bali hard, with tourism being the major source of income for the island (60% comes from Australia).

Coral Reef Restoration

When the tourists left, the money dried up very quickly. Balinese culture is steeped in tradition, caring for your fellow villagers and extended family members is instinctive. In the midst of the pandemic it was evident that the Balinese spirit would not be dampened .

While I supported some friends on the island and will continue to do so until tourism is back to a level where people can catch a breath, certain government initiatives started to surface (pardon the pun).  One of the initiatives was to support the local dive professionals in rebuilding local reefs around the island.

Coral Reef Restoration

The project I became involved with was the Amed chapter of Perkumpulan Pemandu Penyelam (P3A for short). The team set about manufacturing concrete structures that could be used to encourage coral growth, made manually with a wooden support structure and local concrete (made with volcanic sand).

The success of these simplistic structures can be seen at The Pyramids Dive Site in Amed, a wonderful dive site with everything from Gorgonian fans to macro heaven and a cracking night dive. 

Coral Reef Restoration

Using the power of Facebook I raised £250 over my birthday which I topped up to £300 equivalent of 6m Indonesian Rupiah, which I handed over on 15th March. This will help fund the project and support the local diver community in a small way.

Their work hasn’t stopped at the reef restoration  though. They do regular underwater cleanups, removing a lot of ghost net and also supporting their families as and when required. I cannot overstate the work they are doing as a dive community above and below the surface.

Coral Reef Restoration

As this will be my home in the not too distant future I have spent a lot of time with this group of extraordinary people. I have never been made to feel more welcome or indeed at home. Whether its advice and guidance pre or post dive or just kicking back with some morning coffee or Arak of an evening or learning more about Balinese culture I learnt more in 3 weeks than I could ever have hoped for.

Coral Reef Restoration

This is one of the projects I will continue to support along with an awesome Thresher Shark Project in Alor  run by a team of local young adults to encourage the protection of the Thresher Shark from fishing. I hope to visit this project in September /October of this year  on my next trip.  

Learn more about the projects and diving on Bali at:



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Business Recovery Specialist turned scuba nut. Been visiting Bali since 2006. Visited Gili Trawangan in 2014 to do my open water course(SSI) with Manta Dive Gili Trawangan. While I am still a novice in the dive world , having just completed my rescue Course I intend to do my dive guide(in UK) later this year to help me achieve my Dive Master qualification. After getting stuck on Bali at the start of the lockdown in April 2020, two things happened, firstly my local Balinese friends rallied round to make sure I was safe, fed and watered, and secondly when I got back to the UK I had left my heart behind me in Bali. Cliche I know, but after all the years of visiting Bali it just got progressively worse each time. Over the course of last summer I came up with the Dive Now Work Later concept. The purpose(still in development) is to help novice divers and people that want to learn to dive come to Bali , informed with everything in place having made informed choices about who to dive with, where to stay and how to get there from the airport.Stress and Hassle free. The site will expand from Bali in the future to include The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and The Maldives. Dive shops, Restaurants, Villas, hotels, Hostels and tour guides will be given the opportunity to advertise on the site at different levels.

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  1. An utter joy to read, very exciting projects with fabulous teamwork and foresight. I will be following with great interest and fully intend to visit and explore Bali which is now firmly on my bucket list. Thank you

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