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Céline Cousteau: The World After My Grandfather

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Meeting at the Société Industrielle de Mulhouse (SIM, 10 rue de la Bourse in Mulhouse, France) with Céline Cousteau on her book “The World After My Grandfather” published by Fayard, hosted by Jean-Marie Valder and accompanied by a dedication session on September 12, 2020.

Celine Cousteau

Céline S. Cousteau, born 6 June 1972 is a public figure and socio-environmental advocate. She is recognized as a documentary filmmaker, author, adventurer, artist, public speaker, brand ambassador and designer for her work, and she is a regular panellist at the New York United Nations. She is the Founder / Director of CauseCentric Productions and Co-Founder / President of the Outdoor Film Board. Céline is the daughter of ocean explorer and filmmakers Jean-Michel Cousteau and granddaughter of Jacques Yves Cousteau.

Sea to Sky

Céline spent most of her childhood on the world-famous Calypso exploration vessel of her grandfather paddling the seas with her family in search of answers to the greatest mysteries of the oceans. One of her first major expeditions on board was when she and her father and grandfather sailed to the Amazon at the age of nine. Here they spent 18 months navigating its coastal and jungle waters in areas that were still largely unknown to the outside world.

Céline recently launched her first feature-length documentary, “Tribes on Fire,” in 2019. This film was born in 2011 in the form of Céline’s return to the Amazon where she went in search of the indigenous tribes she first met onboard the Calypso with her grandfather. There she spent time with tribes of the Vale do Javari, Brazilian Amazon who have since been endangered by the modern world. Céline wanted to tell the world their story via film medium, at the tribe’s invitation.

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