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Oceans is the number 1 social logbook and community platform used by tens of thousands of scuba divers and ocean explorers worldwide. Oceans lets you keep dive logs in the cloud and share sites and observations with divers and friends around the world. Oceans logging tool intelligently knows where you are, and what the dive spot inhabits, making dive check-ins fast and easy. 

Oceans App
  • Automatic advanced color correction of underwater photos.
  • Wirelessly connects and import dives from Oceans S1 Supersonic, the dive computer with built-in buddy communications.
  • Smart and swift dive check-in and sharing.
  • Keep your diving history at hand, safely stored in the cloud.
  • Discover, explore and plan future diving adventures.
  • Follow buddies, ocean explorers & dive sites, and interact with divers around the world.
  • Off-line mode allows dive check-in even when away from mobile networks. 
  • With Oceans’ citizen science program you can help collecting environmental reports such as plastic waste, coral bleaching and illegal fishing for future analysis.
  • #DiveoftheWeek highlights the best dives every weekend featured for Oceans’ over 40,000 instagram followers, and #DiveoftheYear, our yearly award selected by Oceans ambassador and aquanaut Fabien Cousteau!

Oceans is available as a free download for iOS and Android

Learn more at: https://www.oceans.io



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