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“Diving for the Image” by Nathalie Lasselin

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“Life is charming, it’s according to the glass by which we look at it.” Alexandre Dumas

Alexandre Dumas was correct about being able to express what we see through the glass of our dreams and that of our mask. What could be better than the right fundamentals for learning the basics of photography and video and knowing not just how to see, but how to look and frame?

Within this book, Nathalie Lasselin shares the profession’s tips, small games to practise you to master your camera no matter how large your photographic experience requires. From beginner to skilled customer.
An immersion in this image guide will allow you to develop your eye and techniques for photography / film. Perfect companion for any camera-equipped diver and apneist.

Nathalie Lasselin is an award winning professional photographer and filmmaker. Nathalie Lasselin did a project for scientific study in Sept 2018 involving diving from one end of Montreal Island to the other, a total of 24 hours underwater. Her films have been distributed from the big screen to DVD’s in 25 countries. She is an underwater film producer, but also does film productions with both feet on earth. She has produced American fiction, commercial films and independent documentary films.

Pre-order “Diving for the Image” today at: https://nathalielasselin.com/produit/livre-plonger-pour-limage/


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