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Webinar Workshop: The art of relaxation and breath control

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An Interactive Severtec Workshop with Steve Lewis, Director of Diver Training @ RAID International

Steve Lewis is an author, pilgrim, and adventurer who is best-selling. But more than anything, he is the insider of the dive-industry who feels that the industry “dropped the ball” and he claims, it continues to happen.

According to Steve, “Training programmes concentrate on some really strong and useful skills — for example, buoyancy is a very, helpful thing to have nailed down — but few lessons, literally none in traditional scuba, give students any advice on how to breathe and definitely no help at all on how to relax.” And he says, if you think about it, these are quite fundamental oversights for an activity that allows participants to “stuff their nose into a little airtight silicon bag, place a massive plastic, metal and rubber system into their mouths, and then leap into the ocean.”

Steve will share ‘stolen’ techniques from Chinese martial arts, Sufi Yoga, with more than 40 years of Buddhist meditation in this workshop, which was originally designed for students who signed up for cave diving lessons. Among the possible benefits, Steve says “with practise you’ll get better gas intake, better situational awareness, and when problems arise, your reaction won’t bring you deeper into the mine”.

Steve Lewis: Image courtesy of Facebook

Steve is the author of many books and more than one hundred journal articles, is a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. He was elected to the Explorers Club in 2005, and has received numerous awards including the Sheck Exley International Protection Prize.

Webinar Details

Date: Tuesday 7th April 2020, 7pm

Hosted by: Kevin Murphy and Severntec Diving

Before the Webinar

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On the evening of the webinar

To join the Zoom meeting
Click the link we will provide on the Severntec Facebook page one hour before the event: https://us04web.zoom.us/meeting/140517417 (note: this link will not be active until Tuesday, 19:00
If prompted, enter the meeting ID: 140-517-417
If asked for the Password, enter: 860151

When you join

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