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O-Rings for Scuba Dive Breathing Appliances – The Story of ScubaGaskets

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The Story of ScubaGaskets go back to 2006 when the absence of high quality reliable scuba O-rings in the market, drove a sales man and a scuba dive center owner-technician from Cyprus to do something about it in order not to be dependent on the scuba service kits that was costing a lot of money. This was made possible due, to a very tight cooperation with a leading company named Europe seals BV Holland, that is a leading company in the area of seals and O-rings for more than 30 years, with the strictest quality procedures in place.

At first, 3 product categories were launched (NBR Sh70 soft, NBR Sh90 Hard, and Viton Sh75-90) with just 35 or so O-ring sizes, covering the most basic needs of scuba diving industry. The  first years things where very hard since the market of Scuba o-rings is very small and the necessity  to go globally was very soon identified. In the following years the first web site  of scubagaskets was created with high expectations of selling globally, those so specialized scuba o-rings, but the reality was that no one knew scuba gaskets even existed apart from Cyprus customers!

A lot of effort was made in order to get some international orders and eventually on 2010 the first orders from overseas arrived! So scuba gaskets wend even deep in the area of scuba o-rings since they want to offer the best gaskets for scuba applications at a cost effective manner.

The average diver might be aware of two main categories of O-rings commonly used in SCUBA equipment NBR and Viton, and maybe two different O-ring hardness Soft (duro-Sh70-75) and Hard (duro-Sh85-90). The reality is that  a great variety of materials is used in O-ring industry such as Nitrile or else called Buna-N, EPDM, Polyurethane and Viton® just to name a few. However,there are many subtypes even within each compound category and hardness, each having its own properties and each having its own recommended field of use.

Nowadays a great variety of O-rings are used, in scuba equipment than the traditional NBR-Buna-N material (Sh70-90), like EPDM Sh70, EPDMSh85, Viton® Sh75 -Sh90, Polyurethane Sh70-Sh90 and so on, making very difficult to for dive industry related people to find and choose the correct o-rings for their needs. The importance of the correct  o-ring used during servicing scuba gear equipment is vital. For this reason ScubaGaskets identify as many as possible o-rings used in scuba dive industry ending up, 12 years latter, having 10 different product categories with more than 240 different products to offer specifically for Scuba Dive Breathing Appliances.

ScubaGaskets Product categories

  • Scuba O-rings for Pure Oxygen Viton®Sh75-90 (green colore)
  • Scuba O-rings Viton® for Nitrox Sh70-90(black colore)
  • Scuba O-rings NBR Sh 70 (Soft)
  • Scuba O-rings NBR Sh 90(Hard)
  • Scuba O-rings EPDM Sh70-85(world first)
  • Scuba O-rings Polyurethane Sh70-90
  • Dive computer O-rings
  • Service kits & Parts
  • Scuba O-ring Tools and Miflex hoses
  • Tribolube Scuba Lubricants

By shipping globally and offering free delivery for all orders over 40 euos ScubaGaskets succeed to export scuba o-ring products to more than 54 countries. No other shop has this level of specialization on a subject so narrow, and accepting the trust of so many diving professionals.

Scuba Gaskets

Two issues to consider when you are buying O-rings from ScubaGaskets:

  1. There are no hidden costs with SCUBAGASKETS. You simply know the price to your door, not the one that the product leaves the warehouse . Everyone can understand how the initial (ex-works) price increases until the product reaches its final destination; your address! Calculate above all shipping fees in addition to that calculate handling or whatever costs the supplier will have to charge on top of the advertised price and you will end up with a completely different price. With their  free shipping registered mail policy, for all orders for just over 40 euros, you know the cost per product before you even click the checkout button.
  2. Even after the calculations there might be cheaper solutions! Fair enough! ScubaGaskets don’t claim being the lower cost supplier. Instead their focus is on high-tech OEM applications striving to offer theircustomers the best possible quality for their application and the best value for money. SubaGaskets O-rings are not general-purpose O-rings. They are carefully and specifically selected and manufactured for SCUBA applications.

By selecting SCUBAGASKETS you eliminate luck and you ensure the use of correct seals for the specific application. Visit scuba gaskets and get 15% off for your first order

Learn more at: https://www.scubagaskets.com


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