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Best Wrecks in the Red Sea

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If you are looking for one of the most promising diving destination to explore on a liveaboard diving trip, then you should definitely include Egypt, Red Sea to your list. You have no idea what a truly splendid dive experience you can get here. There are amazing shallow coral gardens, different species of fish and some of the world famous wrecks that can leave you in sheer awe. Going on Liveaboard diving trip to the Northern part of the Red Sea you will graciously combine diving in beautiful coral gardens together with exploring best wrecks that Red Sea has to offer.

The northern part is also considered the calmest, so there is definitely a place for new divers, and the colorful marine life makes it even more enticing.

Top Wreck Sites for Diving

If you love exploring coral-covered ship wrecks, then here are some of the best sites you will visit while diving on a liveaboard in Egypt:

The SS Thistlegorm


You’ve heard so many times that this is the most famous and amazing shipwreck that the Red Sea has to offer, and you’ll agree once you to get closer to it. The 126.5 meters long ship was built in June 1940. The ship was used to import steel rails, aircraft parts, grains, sugar etc. till during World War II, the German planes sank her down. Ever since her sinking, she is laying on the seabed, covered with artificial corals. The wreck is located on the northern part of the Red Sea, near Straits of Gubal, and is always visited by liveaboards during their cruises to the North.  This iconic wreck is a war grave, and it still keeps its rich military history. You can find the deepest part of the wreck at near 30 meters down in the water which is perfect for recreational diving.

Wrecks of Gubal Island

On the Gubal Island, you will find the amazing wreck of ‘Ulysses,’ about 300 meters north of the lighthouse. There is also a shipwreck known as ‘The Barge,’ it is known for delivering the best night diving experience. You’ll find outstanding marine life if you go to this site from April to November when the visibility is at its highest. You can still enjoy the place in other months as well, but there can be slight issues regarding crystal clear waters.

Abu Nuhas


This place is famously called the “Ships Graveyard,” due to the positioning of the reef which is near the busy shipping lanes. The reef is responsible for claiming ships on a frequent basis. For Liveaboard diving in Egypt, this site is like a dream come true place as is features several wrecks places side by side to each other. You can see wrecks such as Tile, Carnatic, Giannis D, and Lentil.

The Rosalie Moller

The 108m long ship sunk 48 hours after the attack of German planes in World War II. Now, her truly remarkable body is lying on the seabed – filled with artificial coral and it is a home to many schools of fish.

Diving Season


The best thing about Egypt is that you can dive here all year round, however you should keep in mind that temperatures fluctuate with seasons anyway. The best time to visit Northern part is from April till late November. June –August will be the warmest months and water temperature can reach up to 30 degrees C. Winter (December till March) have great visibility, however remember about winds and the water temperature that can drop till 20-22 degrees.

Best Recommended Liveaboards

There are many Liveaboards cruising in the Red Sea, click here to see our special selections of liveaboards in Egypt.

Here are some of the best-recommended liveaboards for you:

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