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Canada’s 150 Most Famous Great Lakes Shipwrecks: Chris Kohl and Joan Forsberg

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great-lakes-shipwrecksThere are so many SHIPWRECKS in the Great Lakes, with more than 2,000 of them on the Canadian side of these “freshwater seas.”

This book, initially written as a Canada 150 project for Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, relates the exciting stories of the best-known or the most distinctive 150 shipwrecks in Canadian waters.

Sea to Sky

This book has chapters on shipwrecks in the St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, the Niagara River, Lake Erie the Detroit River, the St. Clair River system, Lake Huron, and Lake Superior.

This book is cleanly designed, with one shipwreck story per page, (more famous or unique ones have been given two pages.) Each shipwreck story has at least one image (photo or drawing) accompanying it; most have more than one. Two-page stories may have as many as eight images helping to get that story across as vividly as possible.

Some of these 150 tales are tragic, like Lake Superior’s Edmund Fitzgerald, lost with all 29 hands in 1975; some are humorous, like the booze ship that stranded on a Lake Erie shoreline during Prohibition.

Stories include daring rescues (like the “Heroine of Long Point” who saved an entire crew in 1854)
and incredible survivals (like the crew of a wrecked schooner surviving for 19 days on an island in the wilds of northern Lake Huron in late 1883!)

Also: The ship that was built to help find the Franklin Expedition lost in the Arctic; the most destructive storm in Great Lakes history; War of 1812 shipwrecks; the most visited, submerged shipwreck in the world; and MUCH MORE!

Contributing artists include Adam Henley, Peter Rindlisbach, and Robert McGreevy.

While most of the photographs in this book were taken by the authors, Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg,
other photographers contributing to this unique collection include Dan Lindsay, Darryl Ertel, Joe Lark, Joyce Hayward,  Jerry Eliason, and photos from the City of Hamilton, Ontario.

Learn more at: http://seawolfcommunications.com/id34.html


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