A Divemaster from London who suprised me!

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In the dive world things pop up that are not always directly scuba related but that you come across in that setting. I was just working out in Cuba and I met a guy who had a bit of a hidden talent.
Working together on courses on a conservation project, I came across him sitting beside his students whilst they were buried in PADI theory videos. Not really paying much attention but scanning over I see him doodling. I peer over and he’s sat there drawing sea creatures.
Loud Marc Dorrington from lovely London city is a huge personality and his little hidden talent suprised me. Working out of Mexico throughout the year he was on this particular project alongside myself and other PADI pros and science staff to enthuse and teach people about scuba and the underwater world.
Eager to see more of his drawings I crept over and nosed over his shoulder. Slightly embarrassed that I had seen them he hid them and I demanded to see more! For days after he drew me different things on request and I absolutely loved them!
My favourite thing about diving is how people relay it to other people and that comes from their stories, video or photographs normally. Marc’s recordings of things hes found in the ocean was a really cute way of logging those memories and interactions with sea life and one that was totally refreshing to see. People with secret talents are wonderful and I wanted to highlight that diver from London’s creativity because I thought they were brilliant and wonderful and I love being shocked by people who can do awesome things.
Find more of Marc’s sketches in my coming soon book, ‘Diving the World One Step at a Time’.



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