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Truk or Truck that is the question….

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Having just spent the dive trip of a lifetime in Truk Lagoon, I thought it interesting to share a story that I am not the only diver to have to put up with Dumb Diving days. While I was there I decided, like all hard core divers do, to buy myself a couple of T’ shirts from the SS Thorfinn liveaboard that I was diving from.

Now, everyone who is an experienced diver knows Truk (or Chuuk how it’s now spelled by the locals) is definitely not spelled with a small ‘c’ in it anywhere. However, if you are a T’shirt printer in the Philippines where the order was placed and someone sends you an order for 500 shirts with the location spelled wrong it certainly behooves you to correct them, oh dear, and a big …oops.

Sea to Sky

So we have therefore established the T’ shirt printer thinks the owner of the operation is an idiot, because he can’t even get a simple thing right like how to spell Truck.  Don’t worry “I’ll make sure he doesn’t look like a Fool with Truk not Truck on his shirts.  I’ll print all of them with the correct spelling.” This is even though the proof reading and authorization was agreed with the correct spelling.

Imagine the Captain \ Owners demeanor when these shirts roll up with “Dive Truck Lagoon” plastered all over them. Also please help me out a little and imagine the bad language this ex Tug Boat Captain used when he opened the box, I bet he even made up some new swear words too.

Liquid Diving

When you do go to Truk, Chuuk or even Truck Lagoon, and you certainly should for your dive vacation, help him out like I did and buy a couple of these shirts. He can then organize some new ones that are spelled correctly, (we hope?). I now feel like a police search diver every time I wear it looking for dumped pick up trucks in a lake or something.

The front of the shirt also says in very big letters (right below “Dive Truck Lagoon”) “Diving Excellence built from Experience”. When I read this I laughed and thought “No Sh.. Shylock”   sorry………. Sherlock, I always mix those two up.

Great operation none the less, it just goes to show even the best have “Dumb Diving Days” too………..ha ha.

The photo is of the Japanese submarine I 169 at a depth of 200 ft a truly great dive.



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Kevin started diving in Norway while serving as a PT instructor with the British Army in 1985. Taught Servicemen and women to Scuba dive until leaving the service in the early 90's in order to pursue a more tropical career teaching diving in the Bahamas.

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