A NEW Book for NEW Scuba Divers – Scuba Fundamental Start Diving the Right Way

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“This is the book divers should give to friends when they say they want to learn to scuba dive.”
Ian Thomas, Author and Scuba Instructor Trainer
Scuba Fundamental -“Start Diving the Right Way” is a unique concept. It is not just another run of the mill “how to dive” manual. It is primarily for people who do not yet dive but are thinking of learning. It takes them from the germ of the idea that they might like to try scuba diving up to the point where they have done around 20 dives. 
This is a crucial phase in every diver’s diving life. This is the time when a person decides if they will be a diver forever or if diving will just become something they did once upon a time. Too many people stumble into diving without being properly prepared or doing enough research and, sadly, end up abandoning the sport, wasting both money and time and missing out on a lifetime of incredible experiences.
The aim of Scuba Fundamental is to make sure that doesn’t happen, by guiding new divers along the right path and helping them make all the right decisions and avoid the many pitfalls that lie in wait for the unwary.
Paperback 202 pages 
Kindle Edition File Size: 711 KB 
Published by Sandsmedia / Createspace
Sold by: Amazon Worldwide
Language: English
ASIN: B01D85XYYWISBN-10: 153052406: ISBN-13: 978-1530524068
Simon Pridmore is the bestselling author of Scuba Confidential – An Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Better Diver and Scuba Professional – Insights into Sport Diver Training and Operations. He has worked as a guide, divemaster, dive instructor and instructor trainer. He has organised dive tours all over the world, written articles for a host of dive magazines and spoken at conferences on four continents. He now lives, writes and dives in Bali, Indonesia.
“I wish I’d had this book to read when I learned to dive. I remember being totally confused.”
Robin Yao, Executive Editor, EZDIVE magazine
“Pitching a book at the correct level for divers-to-be is fraught with difficulty, as I’ve found out. Simon Pridmore is a great dive writer, and I think he’s finally cracked the problem with Scuba Fundamental.”
Steve Weinmann – Editor, Diver Magazine (UK)
“This is a great book! Simon is to be congratulated on this insightful, interesting and honest introduction to scuba diving. He tells it as it is!”
John Lippmann, Founder & Chairman, Divers Alert Network (DAN) Asia-Pacific

Learn more at: http://www.simonpridmore.com



About Author

Simon Pridmore lives in the deep south of Bali among the fascinating contradictions that make up modern-day Indonesia. He has spent the last 20 years at the sharp end of the scuba diving scene in Asia, pioneering mixed-gas deep diving, running an instructor training agency, organizing expeditions, developing dive equipment and writing for divers and travelers.

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