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Dart Realty Relaunches the Cayman Islands Yacht Club

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Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd. has officially relaunched the Cayman Islands Yacht Club, an integral part of the North Sound boating experience that boasts daily traffic of more than 700 boat owners and passengers.

The Yacht Club is the primary gateway from the Seven Mile Beach tourism district to Cayman’s top natural attraction, Stingray City, and North Wall diving and snorkeling. With the renovations, the Yacht Club is prepared for the heavy crowds of tourists during high season.

To mark the completion of the $7 million marina redevelopment, which has been ongoing since Dart purchased the property in 2011, the Cayman Islands Yacht Club recently held a “Rechristening Celebration.” Her Excellency the Governor Helen Kilpatrick delivered the official dedication and smashed a ceremonial bottle of champagne to invite safe journeys for all who sail from the Yacht Club.

“Dart approached this project as more than a commercial marina renovation,” said Jackie Doak, Chief Operating Officer of Dart Realty. “It was a redevelopment of one of the island’s key tourism facilities and a core amenity to some of Cayman’s most desirable and longstanding waterfront communities.”

The improvements to the Cayman Islands Yacht Club showcase Dart’s commitment to thoughtful, sustainable development as the renovations are environmentally responsible, helping to promote marine tourism while protecting the fragile ecology that is the industry’s main attraction. Since diving and snorkeling are among Cayman’s top attractions, these sustainable improvements were not only necessary but crucial. They include:

  • SEAFLEX moorings, which have a unique construction that allows them to slowly stretch to keep docks in place regardless of water movements, do not affect sensitive sea beds and do not rust or introduce pollutants into the marine ecosystem
  • Use of recyclable aluminium and synthetic products used in the Poralu Marine docking and walkway
  • Solar powered lighting in the car parks and along the walkways and docks
  • Pump out stations at individual docks, which is ecologically preferable to centralized stations
  • Landscaping using native and endemic plants and trees from the 26-acre Dart Nursery

The renovation also included upgrades to the fuel stations, access road, lighting, walkways, security, car park, landscaping and chandlery. The docks now feature key card security access, pump out stations and electricity at each slip, movable cleats, dive whips and Wi-Fi. The Anchors store and bar provides boaters and visitors with the full range of provisions for a day out on the water.

For more information on the Cayman Islands Yacht Club, visit ciyachtclub.ky.


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