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Dutch media company Yazula offers both the Australian Government as well as the Surf Live Saving WA a unique shark alert system for free

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Yazula Shark Alert

Wednesday Yazula sent an email to Lisa Clack Manager Shark Response Unit Department of Fisheries I Marine Operations Centre ( SOUTH FREMANTLE ) and Paul Andrew CEO of Surf Life Saving WA in which the company offers the usage of the Yazula location based communication platform for free as a Shark alert system for the people of Australia.

Yazula is a location based media platform. The sending party can generate messages through a web account and link this to a geographical position anywhere in the world within minutes.

Through the Yazula app the messages are received on a Smartphone / tablet the moment the target audience enters the user defined region radius.

So in essence Yazula offers the Australian Government the possibility to link shark alerts directly and immediately to a physical location. The Australian coastal visitors can receive this information with the Yazula app.

A message alert will show up and be visible in the integrated inbox. So no chance people will miss this alert.

A viewable example can be found through our website @ http://www.yazula.com/view/C-nW5UR8jEu_JEaPDASEjw/yazula-shark-alert

In this example we also attached a twitter timeline (with filter White Shark) of SLSWA to this alert. This demo message is located in Gracetown with a radius of 5000 m (covering approximately 10,000 m of beach with this information).


Yazula is the first company in the world to create a location based communication platform that is capable of sending alerts to a geographical zone.

Yazula is a Dutch initiative founded by Marcel Timmermans and Jan Vroomans. They started the venture in the Netherlands at the outset of 2013.

Existing solutions offered by Yazalu in the Netherlands:
Emergency notifications: missing person – news – Amber alerts
Regional response notifications
Recreational water quality postings
Provincial traffic warnings -Overijssel
Provincial road work alerts -Utrecht
General provincial news – Drenthe
Local deals and offer postings for a variety of local businesses
City news postings
Service disruption alerts – Westland Infra (grid company)

Learn more at: http://www.yazula.com/view/C-nW5UR8jEu_JEaPDASEjw/yazula-shark-alert


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