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PADI mSCR Distinctive Specialty now available for the KISS GEM!

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KISS Rebreathers at The Scuba NewsAre you an active PADI Instructor? Would you like to sell and instruct on a diving system that is SAFE, LIGHT WEIGHT, & EASY TO USE. A system that makes the divers gas last 3 TIMES AS LONG! We have a special deal, for active PADI instructors only!

PADI instructors can earn bonus cash!

Sea to Sky

PADI GEM instructors who sell a GEM to their customer and train them, will get $500.00 bonus for every sale/certification they make, to a maximum of 3 bonus’s or $1500.00!

There is a limited number of bonus’s available – maximum 20! After we get 20 bonus submissions, there will be no more! This means that the sooner you become a GEM diver, and then a GEM instructor, the sooner you start making bonus cash!

Contact us at http://www.kissrebreathers.com for more information


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KISS Rebreathers is located in the Fort Smith, Arkansas. They have been building and designing rebreathers since 1995, with the first units being sold in 1998. Learn more at: http://www.thescubanews.com/contributors/kiss-rebreathers/

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