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Attention Shark Lovers – Why You Should Boycott Iberostar Hotels and Resorts

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Iberostar Resort in Tunisia

This is absolutely shameful and disgraceful, diners carving their own shark steak and having it cooked in front of them. This happened at an Iberostar Resort in Tunisia. I hope all divers and shark lovers will take note and never stay in an Iberostar Hotel. Let´s show them how disgraceful this action is.

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If you are disgusted as I am please leave a message on their Facebook page at:



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  1. Pancho Doe on

    Not everyone in the world is vegan or vegetarian. They are a tiny minority. Most of the world’s population is carnivore. These sharks are being consumed as food just like chicken, cows & pigs. What’s wrong with that???

    There is no shortage of yahoos in the world with their superiorly mightier than thou attitude that think going after someone’s livelihood just because they disagree with you is fair game! GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!

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