Intel Staff “Discover Scuba Diving” in Swindon!

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JC Scuba, Swindon at The Scuba News

A fantastic training evening last Wednesday with a pool full of new Discover Scuba Diver from Intel in Swindon.

The evening started with the arrival of our fifteen guests, around 7:30pm, and after a quick introduction, swapping the necessary forms for our information leaflets, our guests were invited into the pool area where all the students’ kit had been previously prepared by our great team of divemaster trainees.

Whilst our in-house photographer Steve, prepped his camera kit, the students collected their appropriate sized fins, picked up their changing gear and headed for the changing rooms to await the briefing on the dive kit they would be using that evening, informatively given by our intrepid and vastly experienced leader and owner of JC Scuba Ltd, Jason.

JC Scuba, Swindon at The Scuba NewsAfter the overview of how to kick with fins, fitting and defogging a mask, and generally donning the kit, and with, not too many questions, our students were split into their pre-arranged groups with their Instructors and Divemasters, ready to jump into the very cool waters of the swimming pool.

Kitting up in the pool was noisy, with all the excitement of putting on weight belts, strapping on BCD’s, inflating and deflating them, pulling on masks and fins, and most importantly popping regulators in mouths… silence… time for our student’s to find out what breathing under water was really like.

Then… just bubbles…

JC Scuba, Swindon at The Scuba NewsI would say it was deathly quiet, but for the chatting of the Seahorse Members spectating and the swimming pool fan blasting, but, you just knew everyone was enjoying the experience, well they were all definitely smiling like Cheshire cats when they got out of the pool, even if it was a tad cold in there.

Our grateful thanks to everyone who attended over the two sessions, well done for giving it a go and I do hope that we are able to see a few people take up the option of becoming Certified Divers, after all 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water. Just think about all the lovely diving destinations there are to explore.

A BIG THANK YOU to Dragan for the introduction, and to Annie for our constant toing and froing of very many emails to get this all in place and for helping promote our try dive event, to Steve for offering up his services of photographer for the evening, to Mike, Paul & Rich our dive club support and our great team of staff – Divemasters, Divemaster Trainees, oh and of course the Instructors.

Well done everyone, great evening had by all.



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