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John Bali

My name is John Bali, and I am totally addicted to scuba diving. I got my open water certification in July of 2012 at Rocky Mountain Diving Center in Lakewood, Colorado and I since then, I haven’t been able to stop diving. Honestly, water is in my blood and I am a true adventure seeker. Learn more at:

The Journey It began the morning of September 7th 2013, my attempt to being the first person to scuba dive the highest named lake in the Continental United States; Pacific Tarn Lake, 13,420 feet above sea level. We arrived before dawn to Spruce Creek Trail-head. My destination was less than 2,400 feet above us, but little did I know how far away that would soon seem. Leaving the trail-head, I adjusted my backpack for the last time and began my journey alongside my hiking partner, Mike Renner. Mike packed light for his personal journey, while I hauled 62 pounds of…