Visit Adriatic Shipwrecks Using Your Mobile Phone with the Free WRECKS4ALL Application

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From the Hellenistic and Roman eras to the Second World War and modern times, exciting historical events have left their traces on the bottom of the Adriatic Sea. 

WRECKS4ALL Application

You must be interested in how the French destroyer Dague sank near the port of Bar. Make a dive and check what the wreckage looks like now. See the deck of the steamer Tihany, the most beautiful Montenegrin shipwreck. What is left of Golešnica 91, which participated in all the wars of the 20th century? Take a dive on the German Stuka plane, the sound of which was blood-curdling. Explore the ancient shipwreck near Scedro in Croatia. Visit the archaeological research of the Deslo site in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

WRECKS4ALL Application

Explore the most interesting underwater cultural attractions of Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina on your mobile device with the help of WRECKS4ALL application. Use its Augmented Reality (AR) plugin to fill your space with underwater cultural heritage sites, and place a shipwreck in your living room.

WRECKS4ALL Application

You can download the WRECKS4ALL application from:

Android devices:

Apple, IOS devices:

The Maritime Faculty of the Kotor University of Montenegro, the Center for Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship developed and led the implementation of the project entitled: “Protection of underwater heritage through digitization and valorization as a novel tourist offer” – WRECKS4ALL. The project was approved for financing by the Joint Supervisory Board of the second call Interreg IPA cross-border cooperation program Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina-Montenegro 2014-2020.

WRECKS4ALL Application

As part of the project, virtual reality showrooms were opened in Kotor, Mostar and Split. Another public outreach result is an application for mobile devices that allows visiting the sites of the underwater cultural heritage of the Adriatic region.



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