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Survey of the I-124 Submarine – One of the Most Significant Wartime Wrecks in Australian Waters

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In World War II Japan and Australia fought for control of the seas north of Australia. The I-124 Japanese submarine was laying mines and hunting ships outside Darwin Harbour when it was engaged by Australian forces. It was attacked and sunk to the seafloor.

All 80 submariners perished. Lying 53 metres below the surface, the wreck is highly significant. But the Top End’s strong tides, murky waters and the submarine’s depth have made it impossible to visit. Until now.

The Northern Territory Government led a team of archaeologists and technical divers to inspect the iconic submarine, using the latest in technical diving equipment and innovative site recording tools. Armed with rebreathers and underwater scooters, watch the divers attempt to record the wreck, and experts build detailed 3D models.

Follow the effort to record and understand one of the most significant wartime wrecks in Australian waters.

Video by Wedge-tail on YouTube


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