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To “Hel-en and Back Again” in Support of SOS Picton Chapter

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SOS Picton
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“To Hel-en Back Again”

This is your chance to participate in a two-tank dive charter in Picton with a Dive Buddy. You will have the honour of being Hellen’s Dive Buddy on one of your dives.

All proceeds will benefit S.O.S. Pictons’ work, which includes erecting and maintaining mooring blocks and lines to protect the many great wrecks in the Picton area of Lake Ontario.

Helen Cooper is Owner/Manager at Dive Brockville Adventure Centre which also operates Abucs Scuba Charters.

Abucs scubA Charters has been providing personalized dive charters to the world-class shipwrecks of the St. Lawrence River’s 1000 Islands Region since 1994.

We have grown from a single charter vessel to a full service operation with a fleet of six Transport Canada approved charter boats and a CSA-approved air-station offering air and nitrox over the past twenty-eight years. Abucs-scubA is the largest and longest-running dive charter company in the 1000 Islands region.

Dive Brockville Adventure Centre, Brockville’s only full-service dive shop, provides a full range of support for divers as well as family-friendly adventures.


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