Mixed Gas Rebreather Safaris in the Northern Red Sea

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Are you feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed with life at the moment? What you need are the 3 R’s. Yes, Rust, Reef and Rebreathers!

Join Tekdeep Safaris this October, onboard our very own technical liveaboard, MV Legends for some fantastic Rust and Reef diving in the Northern Red Sea.

This trip, from 2nd to 9th October 2021 is perfect for divers of all depth qualifications, up to and beyond 100m. There will even be instructors onboard for those who want to progress to Normoxic (MOD2) or Hypoxic (MOD3) CCR Diving.

This is Tekdeep doing what we do best…“exploring the silent world”, and teaching like-minded divers how to do it too!

What Is The Price?

The price is ONLY €1000 per person and this includes full board accommodation onboard MV Legends, tea/coffee/snacks, CCR O2 Fills, Rebreather Cylinders, Rigged Stage Cylinders & Airport Transfers.

How to Reserve Your Place

It could not be easier. Simply drop us an email by clicking here and we will add you to team sheet. This will be a small numbers trip so don’t delay in reserving your spot!

I Have A Question

Not a problem! Email Us, Send a Facebook Message, DM us on Instagram or Tweet Us…we are always here to help!

Learn more about Tekdeep Safaris at: https://www.tekdeep.com/safaris/



About Author

A course with Tekdeep is about more than gaining a certification. Our aim is to not simply teach the basics of the course you are undertaking but to ensure you have a full understanding of the skills, the equipment, the diving physiology and that you leave with a greater appreciation for all aspects of technical diving

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