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Save Ontario Shipwrecks, Thousand Islands is Proposing Artificial Reef in Brockville

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Save our Shipwrecks
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The Save Ontario Shipwrecks (SOS) Thousand Islands Chapter has formed a committee to look into the possibility of constructing an artificial reef in Brockville. This project will also include an underwater science monitoring center with live feeds back to the Aquatarium.

Save Ontario Shipwrecks has many reasons to support this project:

  • Reduce diving pressure on the local historic wooden shipwrecks
  • Preserve marine heritage by potentially saving a ship destined to be cut up for scrap
  • Assist the Aquatarium in promoting maritime heritage and discovery

Within the Brockville Harbour limits, near the current fireworks barge mooring, is our ideal venue.

We have reason to assume that obtaining the required approvals for an artificial reef at this location would be simpler. The river is about 20 meters deep here, and the bottom is relatively level with a thick silt composition. There is no other infrastructure and almost no current at this site. At the planned artificial reef site, there is no evidence of marine life.

We are actively looking for a large attraction to create this artificial reef. We are willing to consider any potential options with height being the most limiting factor. The maximum height of any exhibit in this location would be about 35 feet or 10 metres.

  • A small ship or large tugboat, the preferred size would be 60’ to 100’ or 18 to 30 meters in length.
  • A locomotive, caboose or rail car to tie into the tunnel railway theme.
  • We would also consider surplus military equipment that could be properly cleaned.
  • We are currently working with Canada Coast Guard to obtain some surplus equipment to enhance this project. We hope to give a second underwater life to some obsolete buoys to preserve their marine heritage.

If anyone knows of a potential donor wreck or other suitable exhibits please contact Stephen Hatch.

The Scuba News Canada will keep our readers updated on this.


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