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VIDEO: Faces of Ice Diving with Nathalie Lasselin

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Ice Dives with Nathalie Lasselin.

For this video, Nathalie went “under the ice” in four separate locations. She is an Awards winning filmmaker, explorer and speaker and operates Pixnit Productions. Nathalie lives in Quebec, Canada and is a member of the “Women Divers Hall of Fame” and a fellow of the “Royal Canadian Geographical Society”.

Sea to Sky

1: Québec, Lake

2: Ontario, Tobermory

Liquid Diving

3: Newfoundland, Iceberg

4: Nunavut, Floe Edge

Nathalie has scuba-dived in seas and oceans all over the world, explored the frozen waters of the Arctic, countless underwater caves and underground rivers, hunted for wrecks, and created fiction films and underwater documentaries. She is always ready to push her own limits.

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