Why I choose Simply Scuba

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When you are on the go and moving around with dive kit and changing the equipment you use to suit different dive conditions and locations using a good, reliable supplier is imperative.

Simply Scuba is my first choice because I know I can get what I want quickly and efficiently, get high quality advice about products, enjoy a speedy delivery service and pay prices I am happy with.


Simply Scuba began in a small barn in Kent and has quickly developed into one of the UK’s leading distributors. The Faversham store has a huge selection of scuba gear on display as well as ample changing rooms and over 9000 individual products from leading brands including SUUNTO, Aqualung, TUSA and Mares.

The life of a diver and in our case writers and photographers is one of absolute chaos at times. Travelling with heavy, impractical kit can be a nightmare. Working in remote locations with little option to buy kit when things are lost or damaged can be even more stressful. Simply Scuba allowed me the scope to make panic orders and actually talk to someone who knew about specific needs I had and problem solve for me.

A recent trip to Fiji meant a long and at times difficult set of transfers to lug kit. Simply Scuba supported us at The Scuba News UK with some high quality items that made life that much easier, one of which was the Aqualung carryon bag. This awesome little dive bag which was a total bargain was like a Mary Poppins Handbag and I felt totally relaxed with its ability to keep my dive kit secure on long haul flights and challenging, taxi, boat rides on arrival into Fiji.


I liaised with numerous staff before my trip and was left confident that I had been given the right advice on dive equipment to take and enjoyed a speedy service to get my products. Their website was easy to navigate and I found the information offered online was in depth and gave me plenty of options. I also absolutely love the Simply Scuba Blog and find it really interesting to stay in the loop about events and activities and get alerts about new equipment.

I would highly recommend these guys as a preferred company to buy from.

Check out their website and absolutely have a chat with the team with any enquiries.

Visit Simply Scuba at https://www.simplyscuba.com or on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/simplyscubauk



About Author

Chantelle is a Portsmouth based Author, Scuba Dive Instructor and Managing Editor of The Scuba News UK. Her passion lies in the adventure and exploration of dive sites and travel locations around the globe.

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