We take a look at Commercial Diving Services in the UK and meet RS Divers!

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Aiming to provide the UK’s best commercial diving services in coastal waters, inland waterways, lakes, reservoirs and pools, RS Divers has an impressive expert dive team with over a ten year’s experience and a 100% safety record.

I went down to meet the team to find out more!

Ruben Stephenson, Sales Director told us that ‘as an established operator, we offer comprehensive underwater services which range from underwater salvage and shipping maintenance to marine civil engineering contracts. We are based in Portsmouth on the south coast of the UK and our team are available 24 hours a day for emergencies and are willing to travel far and wide to offer support.’ 

The team admit that each job presents its self with various challenges but boast that they confront every project with professionalism and determination as well as an extreme focus on safety and it was clear that all staff here were driven by a passion for excellence and quality customer service.



The company has supported huge events including the recent Americas World Cup in 2015, where they were appointed the role of official ‘UK Diver Safety Support’. This need came after a 2013 training event saw the death of British sailor, Andrew Simpson. The races saw high powered yachts traveling at rates of up to 35 knots in the water and although a fascinating event to watch, it brought great in water risks. RS were standing by at the request of Sir Ben Ainslie to deliver fast and efficient dive services in the event of any accidents.

A comment from Rob Andrews, Team Origin Events, commented on the service provided by RS and said, ‘Please thank your team for their prompt and professional dive service. Strangely the best outcome was to have your team fully available without having to use you.’



RS went on to tell us about some other commercial dive projects that they have been involved in, including the Berkshire riverbed surveys, which was a project working on a man-made river that was constructed as a flood prevention measure. RS were commissioned to undertake a series of in-water surveys including shingle, sheet pile and gradient surveys. The results of the surveys saw that the river needed attention. RS completed all works before the river was officially opened.



RS have also been the lead dive team to host some incredibly exciting projects such as one that involved working to investigate hundreds of unknown objects in Portsmouth Harbour. A team from Wessex Archaeology joined RS to deal with discoveries of historic importance. The Royal Navy Bomb Disposal team were on stand by for RS in case explosive devices were detected from the second World War. What an incredible project to be a part of and one that is still firmly underway.


Ruben went on to tell us that the reason they get the fantastic opportunity to work on such important projects goes back to that company ethos of efficiency, safety and professionalism. ‘We have the best trained and qualified staff divers in the business, all with extensive experience who have worked on thousands of successful projects and will continue to do so.’

RS Diver’s website is one full of case study stories which are really quite phenomenal to read. They are also available to follow on Facebook and Instagram as well as Twitter. We plan to keep in touch with them for upcoming news and events of ongoings in the World of commercial diving. Be sure to check them out!



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