Scuba diving the Forgotten Islands to Triton Bay (Saumlaki to Kaimana)

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In the Forgotten islands, Damai has conducted many trips through this incredibly rich area which is typified by crystal clear water, deep walls, awesome overhangs, beautiful pristine corals, huge barrel sponges and large schools of fish. The trip is recommended for those divers looking for adventure, combining a sense of exploration, while enjoying the casual comfort, amenities and unique service that has made the Damai Liveaboard fleet the most desirable liveaboards in the industry.

The Forgotten Islands are about the ‘big picture’, the clear water enables you the glorious big view of the only place on earth where you can see and greatly appreciate the impeccable vast size, scope and diversity of the most beautiful hard coral gardens in a pristine state on earth!

Forgotten Islands

You may know that Indonesia is the epi-center of where life began; it has the MOST species of marine life on the planet over 3000, it also has the most, hard coral species on the planet, over 400. It also holds ¼ of the worlds’ hard coral. I believe it must be here in the Forgotten Islands! Being a dive operator and one who escorts many groups around the world scuba diving (and Africa Safaris), I will tell you, I was gobsmacked! Not only was this prolific array of pristine hard coral a sight to see, but accompanied by hundreds of schools of different species of fusiliers, surgeon fish, rainbow runner and so many types I could not keep track, and right in the middle appeared a Manta ray! Wow! We dove several sea mounts in the area, one spot called Ultimate Frontiera was outstanding! Very busy water, with the usual hundreds of different species. Many fish at different depths, so as you make your way up, you are among many different types of fish!

The barrel sponges here are HUGE and bountiful, they were smoking and spawning, you could put your hand over them and nearly feel the magic taking place here. They looked like white smoking, steaming calderas. The fish were feeding and frenzied. This is also the first time I have seen so many Giant Trevally, normally I see them in Komodo. What a great surprise to see them plentiful on many dives!

Forgotten Islands

The shallows awarded us with lovely white mouth moray eels, colorful reefs, massive schools of schooling barracuda, this would be a normal happening on most dives out here. They came in different sizes but always huge schools of them and very curious! These dives were so very productive, very pleasant and Zen like! Some current, enough to keep the fish around but not out of control current!

Scuba Dive Triton Bay

Triton Bay has colorful reefs which are fed by nutrient rich waters producing huge fields of soft corals, giant sea fans and clouds of planktonic feeding fishes. Its remote location has led to it being described as a ‘species factory’ by leading marine scientists; the region’s dive sites are swarming with fish and almost every nook is occupied by an exotic invertebrate.

Forgotten Islands

Absolutely gorgeous, stunning explosions of color all over like a dream, huge black coral gardens of thick white glowing within the murky white water of Triton Bay! Something about the fresh water runoff from the mainland into this large bay mixing with the seawater creates this amazing flora of soft color, fans, large fish and huge thick black coral gardens!

It is very surreal diving Triton Bay, like someone dumped gallons of milk into the water, loaded with all the HUGE white black coral bushes, so thick you feel like you need a machete to get thru it all! Then laying here and there are these huge wild looking Wobbly-gongs funny looking flattened sharks!

I am thrilled to go back to this magic surreal part of Indo, they also have whaleshark Bgans there now as well! What a bonus this will be, to see Whalesharks on this trip also!!! Join us on the lovely Damai 1 to scuba dive with these amazing creatures!

May 13-24, 2017 Group Trip

*Master Cabin $6710.00 per person
*Twin share cabin $6160.00 per person
*Single Cabin $8085.00

Extras All Inclusive rate:
Repeat guests additional $297.00 per person
New guests additional $451.00 per person

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