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MATE ROV Competition Update

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The 2015 MATE Florida Regional ROV Competition has concluded! With the lingering scent of chlorine and a few UV rays later, it’s safe to say ROVEAL had a blast watching the teams compete.

Since 2002, MATE has been sponsoring an annual ROV competition which requires students to think of themselves as entrepreneurs and transform their teams into “companies” that manufacture and market their very own ROVs and then compete against other teams in their class. Regional competitions, such as this one, are a great way for kids to come together, learn, and earn their place at the International Competition later in the year. It’s quite incredible to watch these young minds at work.


Invited by MATE to participate in this year’s competition, we felt compelled to deploy our Deep Trekker ROV in the water and capture all the action.


We want to extend our gratitude to Erica Moulton for inviting us to participate and we’d like to congratulate all the teams that competed, you guys are rock stars! It’s been a great experience and we look forward to returning for 2016. Meanwhile, you can continue to follow ROVEAL on LinkedIn & Facebook.

Learn more about ROVEAL at: WWW.ROVEALIT.COM


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