Introducing: Canadian Underwater Inspection Services

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Canadian Underwater Inspection Services

One of the challenges for designing and engineering projects that are in, around, and underwater is determining what is actuality below the water line. Our experience in underwater surveys and inspections can help you see through the water so that you have the information you need to execute your projects.

Our Services

Underwater Mapping

Single Beam – A cost effective, way to get accurate Data where you need it.

Multi Beam – Great for creating detailed point clouds.

Side Scan – if you’re looking for a target or want to inspect underwater structures, side scan can help you see through the waves.

Canadian Underwater Inspection Services

ROV Video Inspection

Safest and most cost effective way to conduct video inspections underwater. From ship hulls to reservoirs, ROVs are a great tool for inspections.

Canadian Underwater Inspection Services

Diving Inspections

Divers are the most versatile option for inspecting structures underwater. We can work with your engineers and use innovative tools to help you get the information that you need.

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