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Introducing Mark Gaizley and Man Mind

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So my names is Mark and I am 36 from Portsmouth and a sports massage therapist amongst a few other jobs. I’m an avid outdoor lover, pure health seeker and someone who’s forever working on myself to be a better man for myself and everyone else around me.

I have been on a journey the last 6 months. Hit rock bottom and had to build up from there, after splitting up with my girlfriend and having to move back from London in July where I lived for 9 months after moving up there in September 22 to peruse my acting career and have a change in life. I completely lost myself during the whole process, got into a lot of debt and just didn’t feel like i was living my truth. I have always wanted to help people in different ways and knew I was on the cusp of something and it was always in front of me.

Sea to Sky

Man Mind is my community and it’s for Men who are taking control of their minds. It started as a monologue a few years back and then last year I made it from paper to a website for t shirts, but I didn’t want it to just be about that, so I started doing videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, little nuggets of wisdom and advice I feel that can help with day to day life.

In July I was lonely and in a bad place so I started the Man Mind morning to help others and to meet like minded people.

I wanted to show people a couple of the disciplines that have really helped me for years and saved my life, breath work and cold water therapy especially in the sea.

Man Mind

I absolutely love the sea. It’s magical, it has healing properties as well as nutrients we don’t get anywhere else. Our ancestors have always been in the sea, hunting, crossing oceans etc, and when you are bobbing around with other people it’s so tribal not to mention the buzz you get from it.

I believe it’s a must for everyone to get into a body of cold water as often as possible and to experience the amazing happy chemicals they will receive from it

The Man Mind Morning itself started with 4 of us and on the mixed one I put on New Year’s Eve there was 60 odd people which was incredible. That included men and woman coming together.

Usually however it’s just for the lads. Men suffer I think a lot more, and they are more likely to commit suicide than women. I wanted to create a safe space for men and a place they can reconnect with nature and other dudes. It’s become so successful and there will be loads more from me, we have already tackled Snowdon in November and 2024 is going to be incredible.

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About Author

Hi there my name is Mark Gaizley, I am 36 and from Portsmouth. I work as a sports massage therapist and run Man Mind a men's mental health community. I am a huge sea dweller and you will find me quite often just bobbing around in a body of cold water, I absolutely love the sea and believe it has physical and mental healing properties and urge anyone who wants to improve their mental health to start your cold water therapy journey!

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