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Þrídrangaviti Lighthouse: Known as the Most Isolated Lighthouse in the World

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Six craftsmen were flown by Norurflug helicopter pilot Gsli Gslason on June 23, 2017 to the Vestmannaeyjar islands’ Prdrangar lighthouse. Maintenance work was being done by these six men.

The magnificent lighthouse, which was constructed in 1939 and is situated close to the Vestmannaeyjar islands in south Iceland, was the men’s hotel for the night. The lighthouse is situated on top of a very steep cliff, making access difficult. Gsli and his passengers were fortunate to experience clear skies and good weather for their flight.

Sea to Sky

Gsli exclaimed to the National Broadcasting Service, “It was an amazing day!” We even saw a killer whale family swimming close to the lighthouse.

About the Þrídrangaviti Lighthouse

The Vestmannaeyjar archipelago’s Þrídrangaviti Lighthouse, which is 7.2 kilometres (4.5 miles) off Iceland’s southwest coast, is frequently referred to as the world’s most remote lighthouse.

Liquid Diving

The three named sea stacks at that location—Stóridrangur (on which the lighthouse is located), fudrangur, and Klofadrangur—are referred to as the “three rock pillars” in the name. It was built in 1938 and 1939, and the lighthouse was put into service in 1942. It was originally built by hand without the use of machinery, and access was only possible by climbing the tallest of the three rocky stacks, which stands at 120 feet.

Rni G. Orarinsson oversaw construction of the lighthouse and enlisted expert mountaineers to scale the sea stack. For the final pitch, they created a human stack with one man on his knees, another man on top of him, and a third person climbing on the second one because their climbing tools did not allow them to bite into the rock near the top and there were no handholds.

Today, it is reachable by helicopter landing on the helipad at the site.

Photo Credit: voilier.evidence@gm – CC BY 3 @ Wikipedia

Technical Notes

  • Nine nautical miles away, the light is visible.
  • The lamp is located 110 feet (34 meters) above sea level.
  • The building itself is 7.4 meters (24 feet) high and has a single story, a deck, and a lamp on its roof.



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