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“Saltwater Souvenirs” Documentary Wins at Sugar Loaf Film Festival

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Saltwater Souvenirs
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Sean McMullen (Saltwater Sean) and The Scuba News Canada are happy to announce that the short environmental documentary “Saltwater Souvenirs,” which was produced last year, won the Best Environmental Short Documentary prize at the Sugar Loaf Film Festival in New York earlier this year.

Sean McMullen will visit New York to attend the festival and see the short film’s premiere along with director Sean MacDougall.

Learn more at The Scuba News Canada: Saltwater Souvenirs – Upcoming Documentary

Treasure hunter, free diver, and explorer Sean McMullen is on a quest to discover what lies beneath Nova Scotia’s waters. Sean resides in Chester, Nova Scotia.

The Scuba News Canada is pleased to have presented many of Sean’s videos and his underwater finds.


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