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Scubagaskets – Your Reliable Partner When it Comes to Scuba Gear Servicing

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Without a doubt, the last 2 years were challenging times for all of us, especially for the scuba diving industry, due to travel restrictions the pandemic created. Nevertheless, those who adapt faster to changes have better chances for success. With our flat shipping rates we can deliver to any part of the world at the most economical way possible. (€32.99 Euro via DHL and €12. 99 Euro via normal registered postal service)

Scubagaskets never stop evolving, and during these last 2 years we were working silently creating the scuba o-ring identification working mat with 115 different o-ring sizes. We managed to be able to supply any scuba diving professional with whatever part, tool, o-ring, service kit, or part they need, in any part of the world even during lockdowns.

Sea to Sky

It is estimated that in 2022 more than 1000 SKU’s will be available for our customers. With more than 130 different o-ring sizes in 5 different materials and 4 different hardness, we offer you the biggest scuba o-ring range globally. With the addition of very special tools like go-no-go tools, spare parts for many brands like TusaApeksMaresAqualungScubaproPoseidonDiveriteTeclineBeuchatOceanicSuuntoJJCCR, SF-2KubiCressisubAtomic and SeacSub plus our existing product range, Scubagaskets is your reliable partner when it comes down to scuba gear servicing.


We try to keep all of our products in stock for immediate shipping, but this is not an easy task since the supply chain was heavily affected by the pandemic, so when you find something in Scubagaskets shop you know is available for shipping next day, don’t postpone for later.

Liquid Diving

Best Wishes for a great 2022 diving season.

Learn more about Scubagaskets at: https://www.scubagaskets.com



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With more than 30 years of experience in different markets for O Rings and other seals including Aerospace, Automotive and Semiconductor industry, but also specially focused on water applications. Our aim is "added value" not only logistic but moreover technical reliability and safe products for our customers.

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