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Introducing Oxama, A Revolution in the Freediving World

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The first speaking oximeter computer that goes beyond the limits of all classic wrist computers.

Introducing the first speaking oximeter computer OXAMA solved several problems the freedivers had been facing for a long time.


OXAMA has fulfilled a longstanding need of freedivers with its wearable oximeter computer that speaks to the diver. Traditional wrist computers do not offer information about health conditions and are also hard to read during freediving immersions.

OXAMA stays miles ahead of wrist freediving computers available on the market. Freedivers were facing many problems while diving wearing wrist computers because they do not give the most important vital parameters like heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.

Secondly, they are difficult to read underwater and do not allow sharing experience with other freedivers. OXAMA has solved these issues with its speaking device that constantly communicates all the most important information.


“Freediving involves diving without any breathing apparatus and helps to build the ultimate connection between man and water. Since freediving often takes the freediver to the limit, the knowledge of vital parameters becomes very important.

This is where OXAMA excels in communicating a host of environmental and biometric datas in real-time” said the CEO of OXAMA who also happens to be a passionate freediver. “No need to stare at the computer. You can explore your underwater immersion when it tells you about everything you should know including your heart rateand blood oxygen saturation. So, you can safely enjoy your freediving and stay focused during the immersion” he further added.

Wearable technology is now an inseparable part of the sports industry and is experiencing steady growth with time. Amateurs and non-athletes are also now using them for multiple purposes.


The company reportedly gathered inputs about the project from freedivers, diving associations, online diving shops, and many freediving world champions who gave positive feedback on the efficacy of their device.

The device is designed to help freedivers to know their health conditions underwater. This way they will be able to establish a connection between the data and the sensations they are experiencing so that they can act accordingly with more awareness.

Being a virtual coach, OXAMA is great for beginners and sports freedivers alike. It also helps spearfishers successfully catch their prey.

After the immersion, all data saved on the Oxama device memory can be downloaded onto a smartphone through a Bluetooth® connection and the Oxama app. Any diving data, chart, correlation, workout result and record can be analyzed and shared with the diver community through his preferred social network.

Once again, OXAMA is set to launch in mid-October 10/15/2021 in KICKSTARTER. 

For further information about OXAMA , this can be discovered at https://www.oxamadiving.com/en/  or on the Kickstarer page campaign here where the first 30 buyers will received 50% discount..


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