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Valentina Cafolla’s Epic World Record Attempt Under Ice – A Double Challenge of Courage and Conservation

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On the 23rd and 24th of February, Valentina Cafolla, a 27-year-old athlete, will undertake a remarkable freediving challenge beneath 30 cm of ice in Lake Anterselva (BZ). Her goal is to break two distance world records using SEAC diving equipment, a Ligurian manufacturer based in San Colombano Certenoli (GE).

On the first day, Friday the 23rd, Valentina will attempt the distance record using a monofin over a 140 m distance. The following day, Saturday the 24th, she will utilize traditional long bi-fins for the 120m distance. SEAC is honored to sponsor this ambitious event.

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Valentina’s double challenge involves achieving world records with CMAS-validated mono- and bi-fin in the same weekend and striving to enter the Guinness World Records. Her determination and courage are commendable, requiring exceptional preparation and profound knowledge of the extreme environment for the record attempts.

Having demonstrated her skill and dedication in numerous record and diving feats, Valentina is now poised to push her limits and set a new standard in the discipline. Her attempt to conquer both CMAS women’s world records, monofin and bi-fins under ice, serves as not only a personal challenge but also an inspiration to women worldwide to pursue dreams, overcome obstacles, and achieve extraordinary results with deep motivation and determination.

The entire freediving community eagerly anticipates this event, hoping to witness a new chapter in the history of freediving and diving. This extraordinary double event at Lake Antholz offers a unique opportunity to raise awareness about environmental and climate challenges facing our planet.

Valentina, along with her dedicated staff, is not just preparing for a personal challenge but is also striving to draw attention to environmental and marine conservation issues. Her passion and formidable energy make her an inspiring role model, conveying a strong message to all those concerned about the future of our planet.

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