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Come celebrate our second annual CommUNITY Day with us! On the same weekend, GUE communities all over the world will come together to celebrate our passion for diving. You will feel a part of the global GUE community no matter where you are or what time zone you are in. Diving has the ability to bring us all together.

We invite every GUE community (no matter how big or little) to arrange a diving day or community event where they can photograph and vlog their day above and below the sea (COVID responsibly). ALL scuba divers are welcome to join us!

Sea to Sky

On Saturday, the 18th, we’ll have a live stream from GUE HQ to highlight some of the participating communities, host a Q&A, discuss pertinent subjects, and make a few announcements. We’ll be posting updates on our page over the weekend so that everyone can keep up with what’s going on.

How to Get Involved as a Group:

  • Organize a dive with your local community or host an event (please follow your local guidelines and be COVID responsible)
  • On Facebook and Instagram, use the hashtag #GUEUnityDay21 and tag @GUEhq to share your team’s images
  • Log in with your team from your event to participate in the live stream. Make sure to sign up ahead of time for a position in the live stream

As a brand, diving centre, or initiative, here’s how you can be involved:

  • Participate in the live stream and make a presentation on a product, service, or topic
  • Encourage your target audience/customers to attend a local event
  • Organize a gathering

Register online at: https://www.gue.com/community-day-2021



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GUE is a leader in scuba education, developing numerous industry-first training protocols with a global cast of extremely knowledgeable professional educators and producing divers of exceptional quality. These educational programs enable divers to enjoy a nearly unlimited range of opportunities, including conservation programs, exploration projects, and documentation adventures. GUE-trained divers are found in far-reaching global communities that offer many social and support opportunities alongside a host of unique and challenging underwater projects.

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Dive Curacao

Scuba Mask Straps