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Introducing The Swim Buddy

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The Swim Buddy was the first open water swim buoy to be marketed in Canada, despite the fact that it has been developed and used internationally for many years, especially in Asia, and is now necessary swimming equipment in many swim events. The American Swimming Hall of Fame has advertised it as the Safer Swimmer to encourage open water swimming over the last decade.

Swim Buddy
Image via Swim Buddy

The Swim Buddy is an open water swim buoy, a protective aid included with open water swimming accessories. It performs a variety of important tasks, including:

Sea to Sky

  • When swimming, it makes you visible to boaters, jet skis, kiteboarders, paddlers, surfers, and even landing float planes, reducing the chances of being run over.
  • Others will more accurately track a swimmer’s progress, whether on the water during an event by lifeguards or from shore by those looking out for your wellbeing. A bright orange buoy is much easier to spot than a partially submerged swimmer in a black wetsuit.
  • It can be used as a floatation device for cramps, dizziness, injury, exhaustion, or anxiety, and it can also be used to save those in distress without risking being pulled under by a desperate swimmer (they can be easily and quickly unbuckled to share for this purpose).
  • In a race, a swimmer who is still attached to a personal swim buoy can be identified and saved more quickly.
  • Some versions can be used as a portable storage unit, which is particularly useful in a point-to-point swim. If you don’t want to leave your valuables on the beach or in your car, you can keep them safe while swimming– no more worrying about where to place your keys!
Swim Buddy
Bering Strait Swim. Photo Credit :: Swim Buddy

Learn more at: https://getaswimbuddy.com/swim-buddy/


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