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Saltwater Sean Presents: Treasure Hunting in Halifax Harbour

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Saltwater Sean searched out a new location in Halifax Harbour for sunken treasures after getting a tip. He discovered mostly liquor and soft drink bottles, as well as a few plastic cards and a bicycle rim. An old glass headlight manufactured by General Electric was one odd discovery. A vintage Farmer’s Milk bottle, possibly from the 1930s or earlier, was another fascinating find. Sean will definitely go back because there was so much more he wanted to see but ran out of time.

Halifax Harbour is a large natural harbour on Nova Scotia’s Atlantic coast that is part of the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Sea to Sky

The harbour was largely created by a flooded glacial valley that has been eroded by sea level rise since the last ice age. The Sackville River now empties into Bedford Basin at the upper end of the harbour, but the Canadian Hydrographic Service has charted its initial river bed in the harbour and beyond.

Saltwater Sean
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The harbour is marked by an extensive network of buoys and lighthouses, beginning with the oldest working lighthouse in North America, Sambro Island Lighthouse, situated near the harbour approach.

Along the western side of The Narrows, the Royal Canadian Navy maintains a large base housing Maritime Forces Atlantic, as well as an ammunition depot, CFAD Bedford, on the northeastern shore of Bedford Basin. Vessels navigating near Navy facilities and anchorages are subject to rigorous protection regulations.

Saltwater Sean may have several more exciting exhibitions to find secrets under the water in the future, considering the massive boat traffic in Halifax Harbour over the years.

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