Introducing, sens07vest, Safety Device for Free Divers and Spear Fishermen

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Why use sens07vest?

This device can save lives.

As a diving centre instructor or a spearfisher, your safety comes 1st. Using sens07vest can save you from deep troubles!​

Equipped with digital technology, it continuously monitors your behaviour. So life-threatening situations are automatically recognised triggering the inflation of the vest taking you back to the surface.


Sens07vest has been designed to give you peace of mind so you can fully focus on your sport.

  • Fully automatic and electronic safety device to get divers back to the surface.
  • Prevents from blackouts or serious medical emergency issues.
  • Brings unconscious diver to surface in an upright position.​
  • Safety parameters are user-defined using the sens07 app which transfers data wirelessly to sens07vest.

About ProVitaTec Ltd

Originally founded as a sole proprietorship company in 2009, the company has been transformed to a fully paid-in Swiss joint-stock company in 2017 in order to support the international promotion of the sens07 technology.

ProVitaTec Ltd. is a Swiss electronics engineering and manufacturing company based in Mannedorf, greater Zurich area, Switzerland.


By providing smart water safety solutions based on modern sensor, computer and smartphone technologies, ProVitaTec aims to improve the protection against drowning for water sports like spear-fisher, free-diver, kite-surfer, wave-surfer and for any other water sports

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