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Keldan Dive Lights Presents, the World’s 1st Underwater Remote Control for Video Lights

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For use with underwater video lights, Keldan introduces the first wireless underwater remote control. Keldan showcased it at the 2019 DEMA Show. Ultrasonic technology is used by the remote, is wireless, operates underwater and can be used around corners and through walls. The remote is compatible with Keldan’s underwater video 18XR and 24XR lights.

It has two channels of luminosity. An infinite number of lights can be addressed simultaneously through each channel. With a pairing mode, a light can be combined with either of the two channels. The range is approximately 50 metres under water. The RC1 remote control can work in the air as well but the range is restricted to approximately 1-2 metres.

Photo Credit: Keldan


  • Easy mountable with ball adapter
  • Range of 50m
  • Control brightness individually on 2 channels
  • Each Channel can address an unlimited number of lights
  • Each Channel has a separate ID to avoid interference when multiple controllers are used at the same dive site
  • Remote Control works with our new “XR” series lights

Creative Freedom

  • No more swimming back and forth to adjust lighting
  • Fast and easy control of your lighting
  • Place the lights wherever you want
  • Opens new ways of shooting
  • Works around the corner and through walls

Daniel Keller, the founder and innovator of Keldan lights, is an electrical engineering graduate of the prestigious ETH Zurich, also known as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. He decided in the early 1990s to invent his own dive light as a present to his wife, also a diving enthusiast, as someone who constantly thinks of new inventions. As a result of demand from an ever-growing clientele and from his own diving experience, other lights, including video lights, soon followed.

Learn More at: https://keldanlights.com/


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