What the Heck is Raid, and Why He Switched

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Last summer, Steve Lewis‘ longtime friend, Paul Vincent Toomer called him to tell him that he had accepted RAID International’s job as President. He asked him if he would like to move into his old role as Director of Diver Training. So, Lewis joined the RAID Headquarters Team in 2019 July.

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RAID – So much more than cave diving.

Some of you may know that Steve had been teaching RAID’s Cave programs exclusively for a few years, but now he is happy to be able to teach the full suite of RAID courses.

In 2007 Barry Coleman created RAID to support diver training needed for the Poseidon Mk VI Discovery Rebreather. RAID initially developed rebreather training, and since have expanded their programmes to include open circuit courses as well as recreational and technical levels. Barry is still at RAID.

RAID has a robust online training programme which differs from the rest of the industry. RAID claims to be today’s industry’s most innovative training model, with over 60 programmes online. Their no-classroom methodology covers their entire range of training from snorkeling to rebreather diving. The delivery of online theory training with no paper, no book and no plastic has allowed them to say zero environmental impact. When a course is completed the learner has access to the content throughout his life. Classes are available via an app on both Android  and IOS.

Contact Steve Lewis if you’re interested in finding out more about how RAID operates, how it suits any personal scuba growth you’re interested in, and why people think RAID quality and training are the best in the scuba industry.

Learn more at: http://www.diveraid.com



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