DIVETALKS THURSDAYS: Rebreathers, RAID and everything in between with Dive Instructor Edd Stockdale

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This week’s special guest on the popular Facebook Livestream DIVETALKS, powered by Divesoft, is the RAID Instructor Examiner and Technical Training Advisor, Edd Stockdale. Known as a member of The Explorers Club and for having written several training course manuals, Edd has many topics he’s excited to speak on. Be sure to tune in this Thursday, July 30th at 1 p.m. EDT, to hear about Edd Stockdale’s diving adventures around the world and more.

Originally from Australia, Edd Stockdale developed a love for cold water when he went diving for the first time with his father in Scotland. The desire to dive in colder temperatures eventually led him to move from his home country  to Sweden. To this very day, his favorite diving spot is Sweden’s Långban mine, but that hasn’t kept him from tallying up over 5,500 dives all over the world.

Divesoft Divetalks - Edd Stockdale

With 20 years of experience in diving, Edd has made his way up the ladder of various technical qualifications. His current role at RAID has Stockdale producing training course manuals with which thousands of us divers are familiar today. Edd is also an experienced rebreather instructor, teaching technical courses both near his home in Sweden as well as around the globe. Some of his most notable work, however, has come from participating in research expeditions. He’s passionate about locating and documenting un-dived sites with historical value, developing tools to improve data collection, and helping the next generation improve their explorational diving skills.

Divesoft Divetalks - Edd Stockdale

When not teaching or exploring, Edd works with research institutions as a dive safety officer and technical diving consultant. All of his experience combined makes him an interesting candidate for this week’s livestream. Edd will have no trouble answering any of the questions left for him in the comment section. Topics he’s expected to speak on include rebreather training, cold water wreck and mine diving in Sweden, his work as a technical manual writer for RAID and much more.

Divesoft Divetalks - Edd Stockdale

Be sure to tune into this week’s DIVETALKS Livestream, featuring Edd Stockdale. You can join the show and become part of the action this Thursday, July 30th at 1 p.m. EDT. Just follow the link HERE at the given time and learn something new with Edd Stockdale!



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