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Innovative new dive light hits the market!

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Stingray Lights at The Scuba News

Smaller, Lighter, Brighter, Smarter, Simpler and more reliable, the StingRay™ Series of hand held dive lights just released by SeaLantern™ sets a new standard for underwater dive lighting. Developed and tested on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, these lights were refined and engineered to perfection.

This new generation of lighting is completely solid state, featuring no moving parts or bulbs to break, eliminating all major points of failure and leaving you with a top quality, reliable and robust light source.

Designed by top experts coming from Space, Military, Avionics, and Marine engineering backgrounds, the circuitry developed to power these extreme output lights is an industry breakthrough.

The mechanical housing of the StingRay™ series is a cleverly engineered work of art. Precision machined to tight tolerances from marine grade aluminum alloy then double hard anodized, the surface toughness of these lights are second only to diamond, making them robust enough to last many years in harsh diving environments.

Electrically, Mechanically & Optically Superior

With six ultra efficient multilayer gold plated printed circuit boards populated with SMD components, including Microprocessors, safety devices, battery monitoring circuits, temperature monitoring circuits, pulse width modulator circuits and LED driver circuits, this state of the art smart digital circuitry is capable of recognising user commands from the solid state switch, reduce power when the light reaches its max internal temperature if used out of water, reduce power when batteries get low to extend run time, allow user to lock the light and prevent accidental switching, and provide exceptionally long run times due to their efficiency, all fed by Japanese made rechargeable lithium ion cells.

Mechanically, the StingRay™ is in a leage of its own. Simply by having the light in your hand, you can feel that these are no ordinary lights, but lights of the highest caliber. The quality, prescision and smoothness of the machining is unrivalled.

Every component that went into this light has been specially selected for its top quality in order to withstand the unforgiving marine environment. The tough marine grade aluminum alloy is double hard anodized, providing even further corrosion and damage protection to the light. The StingRay™ Series Optics all feature a software enhanced highly specular aluminum alloy reflector designed specifically for the Cree light engines housed inside. The reflectors are installed behind a tough, anti-reflective & anti-fog optical grade borosilicate glass lens, delivering the utmost efficiency in lighting output.

Learn more at: http://www.sealantern.com 



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