ADEXCON – Advanced Exploration Diving Conference 2014, Athens, Greece Has Now Been Added To Our Dive Show Calendar

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Advanced Exploration Diving Conference Greece

In Athens ( Cultural Centre of Moschato) – Athens Greece on 15 & 16 February 2014 . The ADEXCON 2014 promises to be an important event for the Greek & European & diving industry.

With an international & local cast of speakers and presenters from the most accomplished diving sites in the world such as diving in the open sea, the cave diving, wreck diving and the diving with breathing equipment recycling, with advanced technologies for specific types of diving equipment and report to highlight the world of diving, the ADEXCON aims to offer along with workshops and seminars, a new standard of excellence for diving events in Greece and Europe.

Experience the adventure of advanced diving, will be presented in conjunction with the latest developments diving medical research. It will also be workshops and seminars will highlight the technology used underwater explorers in their quest to unlock the secrets of the sinking of the wrecks, the caves, and the ocean.

The Greek diving has to offer, a spectacular presence of exhibitors in ADEXCON 2014 which will provide an opportunity for them:
• Consolidate and strengthen their market position .
• Source for new markets
• Create increase brand awareness of products and services .
• Introducing new customers to boost sales.

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