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Diving in Andorra…What about altitude diving?

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Manu Bustelo at The Scuba News

Isn’t it always great to discover new aspects of the sport you love? If you are an experienced diver, but had neither tried altitude diving nor dry suit diving, Andorra is the place for you.

Altitude diving changes decompression tables. As long as you review your diving theory in advanced and use any Suunto diving computer, bottom time isn’t something you should worry about.

Altitude diving changes your surroundings. You are not longer surrounded by astonishing beaches and coral reefs, as it has been my case every time I dove in Central America. In Andorra, you are surrounded by beautiful mountains, enclosed lakes with pristine waters and all the kick that diving with a dry suit has to offer.

Manu Bustelo at The Scuba News

There are new companies running altitude diving operations along the Pyrenees. Most of those companies have been inspired by two entrepreneurs called Raul Baro and Hector Encuentra. These buddies won an award in Andorra for an ‘innovative tourism concept’ and trigger the development of altitude diving in the Pyrenees. Therefore if you want to dive with the most experienced team around this mountain area, in the highest lakes and get the kick of learning dry suit techniques, check out www.divingandorra.com

Diving Andorra believes that altitude diving can also provide the right setting to those who have never dove before. They offer several courses, from beginners to advanced run either in Grandvalira or Vallnord mountain resorts.

Above all, Raul and Hector are Suunto lovers, and always trust in their D9 and Cobra computers when they dive in cold waters.

Do you wanna know how cold? Just wait till next winter, when more news and pictures diving under the ice are uploaded!



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