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More Thresher Shark Ignorance, This Time From Greendale Farm Shop in Exeter, UK

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Thresher Shark at The Scuba News

There are always going to be mixed arguments about whether it is acceptable to catch sharks, kill sharks, eat sharks or make profit from dead sharks but as the managing editor of The Scuba News it is my opinion that counts when I publish photographs like this one as I find it disgusting. Despite all of the negative publicity surrounding the killing of Thresher Sharks, a company in the UK has decided that this is acceptable. What also seems to be a shame is that the company in question appear to have had a great reputation for good food and great customer service. I am sure that this will certainly be more harmful than good for their reputation.

Sea to Sky

Not only do they think it is acceptable but they have also suggested that it is better for them to make a profit from an “accidentally” caught Thresher Shark than letting it go to waste! I will remember this next time I see a deceased Panda or Tiger!

Feel free to leave comments on the Facebook page for Greendale Farm shop (as many others have) and tell them your opinion!




Since this article was published earlier today, Greendale Farm Shop appear to have removed their Facebook page


A follow up to this article can be found at: Thresher Shark Follow Up – How Farm Shop Reacts To Negative Publicity


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