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Last season I completed my Advanced Nitrox/Helitrox/Deco procedure course. This season I am using this training, as I continue to gain experience in the field of technical diving. I have completed my third deco dive since my training.

It’s something like the classic “chicken and egg story.” Which came first? In Terry Dwyer’s case the question is “shipwrecks or scuba diving?” There never was any doubt in his mind. His sole purpose to dive was to facilitate his passion for searching shipwrecks.

Wales is known for mountainous national parks, wind-swept beaches, lively cities such as Cardiff and a rich Celtic heritage. It is home to the much-loved Bara Brith tea cake, the Red Dragon and Wales is the land of mythical King Arthur. There are a variety of dive sites to enjoy in Wales, with a number of the best sites in Pembrokeshire and Anglesey.