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I was born in Milano and grew up enjoying the beautiful countryside and beaches of Tuscany. My deep enchantment with the sea started then and I soon became a sailing instructor and learnt to scuba dive. After working in African and South-American countries in International Cooperation for Development, I took a career break to complete a degree in marine science and became a PADI and CMAS scuba diving instructor. Living in Borneo, I now teach scuba diving and share my knowledge of marine ecology and conservation. My aim is to spread environmental awareness to help others care for the environment more.

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Climate Change and Coral Reefs

Now that the weather has stabilised, we are enjoying wonderful dives again at Sail Rock, Anghton Marine Park and Koh Tao, yet I remember the unusual weather we had last January, which let many tourists down. Their frustration was understandable. They came to Thailand expecting sunshine, without considering an unwanted consequence of their own lifestyle: climate change.