Author Dr Emma Camp

Dr. Emma Camp is a marine bio-geochemist whose work focuses on coral reefs and marginal reef systems such as seagrass beds and mangrove habitats. Emma communicates her science through popular media, writing for magazines such as Dive Asia and Asian Geographic. Alongside her academic career, Emma is a passionate SCUBA diver and underwater photographer. She is also an ambassador for global biodiversity for the charity IBEX Earth.

Corals are typically found within an optimal range of environmental conditions, e.g. shallow, clear and warm waters. This is because corals are made up of a community of organisms, including bacteria, symbiotic algae (known as Symbiodinium), other microbes and the animal coral host; collectively these form the coral holobiont (holo= whole and biont= biology). The relationship of these components exist in fine balance, and they can be largely influence by the local environmental conditions. Globally coral reefs are under threat, with many considered terminally ill due to the combined impact of climate change stressors and local human impacts (e.g. pollution).…