Author: Chantelle Wyatt

Chantelle is a PADI Master Instructor and Managing Editor of The Scuba News UK. Her passions lay in travel and conservation. she has been all over the world and worked on some exciting projects and dived some spectacular sites. Her thirst to explore and drive to meet and work with new and interesting people has motivated her to keep moving. She works in some extremely remote areas and has a strong media presence. She has worked with various magazines and media and is keen to promote the good work that she comes across and the individuals who really invoke change in their fields. She has dived for over 20 years and is always seeking out the next thrill and dive experience. She can be found at UK dive shows and online easily and is always keen to hear your stories and say hello.

Aquariums have become a normal part of society, in that most of us have visited one at some point or other. The question is do they work as a good educational tool for the ocean and its creatures and do they encourage conservation? What do people take away from a visit and are aquarium’s a positive experience? Here in the UK they are a way for us all to engage with a range of tropical creatures that we might otherwise not be exposed too but does that encourage a more positive and active drive to care for them in the natural World?

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